Know thyself


In the world of the ancient Greeks, around 500 years B.C., the experience and understanding of self was considered something special. A short text can be found engraved on various structures, such as the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, that has been examined and described by many schools of philosophy. This saying invokes a challenge, perhaps a reminder of what is important in life: “Know thyself!” (ΓΝΩ͂ΘΙ ΣΕΑΥΤΌΝ, Gnōthi Seautón). Interestingly, such a central thought can also be found very early in other cultures: for example, “Know yourself” (atmanam vidhi) in the ancient Indian texts, the Vedas.

Erkenne dich selbst


What value can there be in knowing or recognizing yourself? A possible answer to this question is that knowledge and understanding of your own nature allows you to make better decisions.


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