Benefit & Medical Use of personal genomics services (PGS)


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PGS has been developed by physicians and scientists specialized in human genetic diagnos-
tics. As experienced physicians we focus on genetic information pertinent to an individual´s health. This is our expertise and distinguishes us from others. 

It is our major aim to convey and interpret the results of genetic analyses clearly and understandably in order to guarantee the maximum benefit for our customers. 

The interested person is also provided with on-line access to his personal genetic data via PGS. The knowledge of his genetic make-up enables him to make informed decisions as to health and life style. 

PGS issues medical records for patients. This allows physicians to make medical decisions, e.g. on the choice of the best possible pharmaceutical treatment. Based on the genetic information those drugs can be avoided that are either not beneficial or have severe side-effects in a given person.