It is our philosophy to make available to customers information about their genetic make-up in a medically and ethically responsible manner. This will enable our customers to make informed decisions as to health and lifestyle. Our services are based on the following principles:

We adhere to the highest possible quality standards in the development and execution of human genetics diagnostics.

As physicians we are responsible to ensure that genetic information is used to the greatest benefit of the persons tested. This is accomplished by applying rigorous standards in the preparation of the form and content of the genetic information to be communicated. Communication of genetic ramifications is descriptive and nondirective in order to facilitate informed decisions. We guarantee the right of the client to be informed or to decide against being informed of genetic results.

We strive to make available the most advanced methods of analysis and information technology to physicians, patients, and persons interested in their genetic information. In order to achieve this goal, we are actively involved in the development and application of analytical methods and their introduction into routine diagnostics.