History of the company

History of the institution

bio.logis Center for Human Genetics is an independent clinical institution established by Dr. D. Steinberger, a board certified physician for humangenetics. Other medical and technical specialists with long-standing expertise in human genetic diagnostics make up the founding team.

bio.logis Center of Human Genetics is an outpatient medical institution. It has participated in patient care since August 2009 and offers national and international one of the largest spectrums of genetic analyses .
bio.logis Center for Human Genetics closely cooperates with bio.logis Genetic Information Management GmbH. bio.logis Genetic Information Management GmbH develops IT and telemedical solutions for the management and communication of human genetic information.

Besides the medical associates the team of bio.logis CfH comprises, technical personnel, and scientists with long-standing expertise in human genetics.
Personnel recruited since 2010 includes scientists and technicians trained at the universities Gießen-Marburg, Mainz, and Berlin (Charite), IBM, and other IT enterprises.